Drop-In Services

Some Drop-In Services Suspended During COVID-19

Cup of Tea

Call in and hang out in out communal outdoor space.


We offer self-serve hot drinks most days of the week. Just pop into the reception area and ask our staff for your choice of beverage - tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cup-a-soup.


Pick up some bread, baked goods, fruit & veg from Second-Bite.  Have a wander around our Community Garden and maybe even sample some of the fresh produce when it is harvested and put out for collection.

Pick up some flyers. brochures, community magazines and other information on display. Say "Hi" to our Second-Bite Volunteers who often hang out here during the mornings to help you find the information or FREE items on offer.

Desk Telephone

Members can use our telephone, free of charge, to make phone calls to other organisations, agencies and service providers.

There is a 15 minute limit on usage and we ask that members use the seating in our outdoor area to sit and use the phone to maintain privacy in our reception area. We can provide a private space for members to use the phone, on request and dependent on availability.

Blue Keyboard

WiFi NBN Broadband is available, free of charge, to any member who requests the password from staff/volunteers.

We have a visitor computer available to members to use the internet to check email, print documents, log onto MyGov/Centrelink and to search for jobs or houses.

There is a 15 minute limit on usage. Staff cannot help members gain access to MyGov or any banking sites etc. Users must already know how to access the site with their username and password. We can provide basic assistance with navigation of the site.

Staff will only be able to help when the reception area is not too busy.


A printer/photocopier is available to members at no cost for limited amounts of printing/copying.

We are unable to air-print from your device but we are able to print from our visitor computer, from a USB or from emails, websites etc.

Prints/copies are limited to 20 single-sided sheets per day per member. Print volumes greater than 20 sheets will be charged at 10 cents per sheet for B&W and 50 cents per sheet for Colour.

A laminating machine is on a table by it

We are happy to do some laminating for you at no charge if you provide your own laminating sheets and the total number is 10 sheets or under.

If you would like to purchase some laminating sheets from us, they are 50c each for an A4 sheet and $1 each for an A3 sheet.

If you have sensitive documents that need shredding, we can take them for you and have them shedded by the Commercial Shredding Service we use for our sensitive documents.

They are locked in a secure bin until collected by the company we use.

Document Shredding
Form on Clipboard


Providing our volunteers are not swamped with visitors and can give you their full attention, we are happy to help you read through documents or fill out forms with you. However, we cannot give you legal advice in relation to the content of the documents or forms. You will still need to have the required information at hand to fill out form questions. We take no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the information submitted on the form. If you need some advice or guidance with legal documents/forms, we suggest contacting the Central Coast Community Legal Centre.


Sometimes people experiencing DFV will need a safe place to receive information, research options, meet with DFV workers, make phone calls from a phone that can't be traced by an abusive family member or use a safe source of internet. We can provide access to resources and spaces for this purpose. Simply approach our staff/volunteers and ask for a "Safe-Space".