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Board of Management Prospectus

1. Letter from the Chair

2. Constitution

3. Annual Reports

4. Board Meeting Calendar

5. Audited Financial Statements

6. Technical Requirements

The board of management meets every 6 weeks via MS Teams meeting or in person at a location decided by the members. The proposed dates for upcoming meetings are indicative only and may change.

AGM - October 6th 2023 - 4.30pm


October 12th - 4.30pm

November 23rd - 4.30pm

February 1st - 4.30pm

March 14th - 4.30pm

May 2nd - 4.30pm


Members of the Board of Management will be expected to use a Microsoft Office 365 account (provided by the organisation) to access email, shared calendars, SharePoint files, MS Teams communication portal, MS Teams meetings and various other things. Board members will also be asked to register on the organisation's volunteer management portal 'Volaby'. A digital nomination form will be sent out via Adobe Pro for signatures prior to any appointment to the Board.

A reasonable level of computer literacy is required and basic training is available from the Manager. A device can be provided to use for organisational business, with all the necessary MS platforms installed and set-up. An IT Induction will be necessary before a board member's first use of their organisational email. This is to ensure everything is working correctly and the member understands how to log in and out of the account.

Access to a reliable internet connection is required to attend online meetings. A space can be made available (on request; with 24 hours notice before an online meeting) at the Neighbourhood Centre if a board member has no suitable internet connection and remote access is difficult.

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